SCANCT is more than just the ScanCoveryTrial. SCANCT stands for three different activities; Adventures, Travel and Experience | click on the corresponding logo for more information about our different operating activities:


Scandinavian Car Adventures

Organises the ScanCoveryTrial, Cars&Business Arctic Tour, Nordkapp Rallye end Cars&Roads exclusive car rides through Europe. Click on the orange logo for more information about our unique car trips.


Scandinavian Travel Agency

Organises journeys to Scandinavia. Would you like to show this beautiful environment to your family or friends? We would like to help you with that. Click on the green logo for our special citytrips to; Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki.


Winter Driving Experience

Organises journeys to Scandinavia to polish you driving skills during winter conditions. This with very experienced instructors. Click on the blue logo for more information about our winter drive trainings in The Netherlands, Sweden and Finland.