Edition 2016

On 2 January all the participants started on the terrain of Vredestein in Enschede, The Netherlands.

During the edition 2016 the participants enjoyed the boat trip from Fjordline. After that they started the 24 hour ride. They drove from the harbour to Vilhelmina, where they could drive a few rounds on a beautiful ice lake. After visiting the ice lake they could drive further to the hotel in Arvidsjaur.

The day after that the participants slept in Hammerfest, from where they left early in the morning to the North Cape. The last part to the North Cape they had to drive in convoy.

After leaving the North Cape the participants went on their way to Levi to enjoy a day off. During this day the participants drove with the snowmobile, drove with the husky dogs or relaxed.

#levifinland #snowmobile #finland #Scanct #cold -33 !

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The day after that the participants were ready for a beautiful trip which ended in the Radisson Blue Senator Hotel in Lubeck, our finish hotel. There the winners were announced while enjoying a delicious dinner.

The winners for the Sport class were the gentlemen of Team 9: Ford Wensveen and for the Tour class the winners were the gentlemen of Team 51: Jaap & Sjirk.

The next morning all the participants could drive calmly back to Beckum in The Netherlands to be welcomed by family, friends and other ScanCoveryTrial followers.


Position Number Team Points
1 (Sportklasse) 9 Ford Wensveen